‘Charles ‘Nomad’ McGuinness’

by John McGuffin & Joseph Mulheron

Irish Resistance Books, £9.99/ €15.50, ISBN 0-9539482-1-8

‘Charles ‘Nomad’ McGuinness’ is the second book published by Irish Resistance Books. Written by John McGuffin and Joseph Mulheron it is the true story of Derry’s infamous Charles ‘Nomad’ McGuinness

The authors incorporated first hand accounts, archival material, memoirs (some irrefutably authentic and others of questionable credibility) as well as interviews with long lost relatives, those who knew him and even those who just have a good yarn to tell. Having waded through reams of newsprint and poured for hours over yellowing photographs, not to mention the arguments over content, the unexpurgated truth can finally be told (or at least as near as it was possible to verify).

The problem of piecing together the extraordinary life of Charles McGuinness was compounded for the authors by the shortage of independent accounts of his exploits. McGuinness was not one to hide his light under a bushel and his own accounts sometimes vary wildly from what was strictly accurate. However this hugely enjoyable account separates the fact from fantasy without losing the larger than life character of the man himself.

And although the full story may never be known, one thing is certain: he got about a bit. ‘Charles ‘Nomad’ McGuinness’ – pirate and freedom fighter, scoundrel and adventurer, sailor and smuggler extraordinaire, rogue and hero, womaniser and streetfighter, IRA man and gun runner, polar explorer and mercenary, deserter and rescuer, communist and fascist, a dangerous foe and perhaps an even more dangerous friend.

Retailing at £9.99/ €15.50 you can order ‘Charles ‘Nomad’ McGuinness’ directly from the publishers via e-mail or from your local bookshop.

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