• Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday Inquiry:   Daily updates of all testimony. Plus excellent resource site for archival material. This is the Government's version but it is extremely useful for all interested in the Saville Inquiry. Extensive text and photos.

Bloody Sunday Trust:   The legal site for the victims and their families. Excellent resource. Should be visited and supported by all 'Bloody Saville' afficionados.

• Human Rights Groups and Issues

Pat Finucane Centre:   Essential site, originating from Derry with daily news and updates on all current and past human rights issues in N. Ireland.

Rosemary Nelson Campaign:   Good site from all those dedicated people hoping to expose RUC collusion in the murder of Human Rights Lawyer Rosemary Nelson.

Garvaghy Road Residents:   Particularly useful site as the Orange Marching madness gears up for 'the long hot summer' (yet again). 'If you're going to' Portadown/ Drumcree check this site out. The local maps may save your life.

Lower Ormeau Concerned Community:   Just as good as the Garvaghy site. Another beleaguered community who need help.

British Irish Rights Watch:   Highly reliable and international human rights site. All you need to know about European Human Rights Investigations. Also weekly Bloody Sunday Inquiry updates.

Robert Hamill Committee:   Formed on the initiative of the Hamill family solicitor, the late Rosemary Nelson, the Committee campaigns for an independent judicial inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the murder of Robert Hamill, a 25 year old Catholic who was kicked to death in 1997 by a Loyalist crowd in Portadown in the presence of armed RUC officers.

Justice for Seamus Ludlow Campaign:   Good new site on the murder of Seamus Ludlow in May 1976 by the Red Hand Commandos and UDR and the scandalous cover-up by the Garda.

The Weir Affidavit:   Key document on RUC and Loyalist collusion with British Intelligence in assassinations in the 70s and 80s. Unavailable and banned in Ireland but available at this site. Read it.

Bündnis für Freilassung:   Updates on current showtrial against alleged members of the RZ (revolutionary cells) in Berlin, Germany. Text in English, German and French. Find out what's going on in Europe.

• Information and Media Resources

CAIN:   This site contains information and source material on 'the Troubles' in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present. Also information on society and politics in the region. Material is regularly added to the site and the information is divided into a number of main sections. Excellent Research Site. Even has lengthy extracts from McGuffin's long out of print 'classics' 'Internment' and 'The Guineapigs'.

Linenhall Library:   Ireland's premier historical library (first Librarian Thomas Russell, 'the man from God knows where' and confidant of Wolfe Tone). The Linenhall, under the dedicated aegis of writer and historian John Gray is expanding this site and provides a plethora of historical Irish material for all historians. Special sections on 1798 but the Linenhall also has the most comprehensive collection of 'Troubles' memorabilia.

Irish American Information Service:   The Irish American Information Service is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Washington, DC and offices in Dublin, Belfast and Derry in Ireland. Journalists provide up-to-the-minute objective coverage of news as it happens in Ireland and the North. You believe that writing letters and signing petitions about current Irish abuses can help? These are the boys and girls for you then.

Media Alert:   From the Irish-American Unity Conference. Media-Alert is designed to challenge the misrepresentation of the northern conflict in North America's mainstream press using the potential of the Internet and provides the activist with as much information as is necessary to correct, refute, or educate the news organ which published the offending article. You like to write letters? These boyos will even do it for you and let you know to where to direct them. Good people.

The Media Channel:   Nine transnational conglomerates dominate the global media. Only 20 major companies control nearly all the newspapers in the United States. The media have a profound effect on cultures, on our personal and political choices. To be an informed citizen requires a knowledge of the workings of the media world and Media Channel has been created to meet this need. Comrade Danny 'The News Dissector' Schechter's latest media enterprise. Excellent World media coverage and a vehicle for dissenting views. Highly recommended.

Noam Chomsky Archive:   Noam Chomsky is arguably the most prolific, knowledgeable 'left wing/ anarchist' writer alive today.

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